1. The software is not working, why?
Please be sure you have the NET framework installed in your PC. To download and install .NET framework: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework

2. How many usernames can the software extract from a group?
Telegram can show maximum 200 contacts from a group, so our software can extract max 200 usernames (not all the contacts have usernames)

3. I have problems to import csv file with names and numbers, how can I solve it?
Be sure to import csv with the “,” separator, with numbers in the 1nd field and names in 2nd field

4. What is your Refund Policy? 

There is no refund policy because we offer a free trial version of the program where you can test all the features Refunds against a license purchased from Texsender’s website shall only be eligible for a refund if the license key has not been activated on any machine ever since date of purchase (the duration of which not exceeding more than 7 days).

5. I see an error during the process (send message per username). How can I fix it?

Be sure you imported username’s list where there is @ before each username. If problem persists please contact our support team sending an email with screenshots to info@texsender.net

6. What are limitations of free demo version?

Free trial version allow to send max 5 messages per time. It is designed to check how the program works and to understand its potential.

7. If I buy one license, is it a subscription or one time payment?

It is one time payment. License is valid for 1 Year, and during the year all new updates are free to download and install.